Workshop - Saturday afternoon - Living Shorelines

Given the vagaries of March weather, our Saturday afternoon event will be a workshop on living shorelines.

Interested in learning more about living shorelines? Have some ideas on improving the ecosystem services provided by these type of installations? Please join us for 2-hours to get an introduction to living shorelines and join a discussion led by Juliana Barrett of Connecticut Sea Grant College Program and Jonathan Fogelson of Michael Singer Studio..

Juliana will provide a brief introduction to living shorelines. Jonathan, a Design and PLanning Associate from an industrial design company, will discuss current advances in living shoreline installations. The brief introductions will be followed by a guided discussion on the benefits of living shorelines, how they can be used (and misused) and how the attendeees think ecosystem services could be improved.

The workshop will be held in the Marine Science Building, room TBD.

Please register for a box lunch, we plan to start at 1 p.m.; participants are welcome to bring lunch to the workshop.